Monday, March 19, 2012

i love guys who..........................

i really really really LOVE guys with Baju Melayu :3 haihhh melting :D
i love guys who always with me ,support me no matter what happen :)
i love guys who treat me nicely :D
i love guys who always care for me :D
i love guys who always treat me like a princess :D
i love guys who always be himself :D
i love guys who always call me before he go to sleep and after he woke up :)
i love guys who always love me :3
hehhhhh hahah yeahhh i've found someone who always treat me very very nicely :D
sayannnnnnnnnnnngggg i love you <3 :)
thank you for everything :3
thanks for always make me happy
anddd thank you so much for loving me :)
muah :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Four Month Anniversary :)

11/03/12 :D we've been together for 4 month :) hoyeahhhh i love you more and more now sweetheart <3
It's been four months
Since the day we made that choice,
Since then, there's a fire in my eyes
And laughter in my voice.
Thank you for four months of joy,
Thank you for staying true,
These four months are the start of so many
More months that I'll love you. :)

:D i dont have a boyfriend :P now you're my husband future husband :D muahahah ;)
muahhhhhhh <3

Thursday, March 8, 2012

my bambam :)

camwhore with baby farhan :)
ouchh baby you're big boy now :*
another 2 month muehehe come on baby we gonna celebrate our birthday together <3
aunty rockstar love you so much farhan muehehehe xD
can't wait for buli you :D
loveyoufarhanbambam <3