Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy 7 Months Anniversary :)

A few more hours to go :)) we've been together for 7 Months :)
  Alhamdulilah eventhought dalam relationship kita ada gaduh2 jealousyy jealousyyy marah2 kite still together :)
I'm really happy with you sayang :) i hope we always together forever :) 
listen here"in relationships ur gonna fight & argue but before the day ends just try to fix the problem & let it be known you love each other" :) eventhought kita gaduh kalau u perasan tu buat i faham u lebih mendalam and make me love you very very much :) thank you for forgive me :)
thank you for love me eventhought i always hurt you :) you're so understanding :) for me sumpah u penyabar gila layan perangai i yang retarded mcm ni :) you cool je :) thank you sayang i love you untill the end of my life <3 you the only one who always make me very very happy :)
the 1st person yang kenal and rapat dengan family i :) before this i sorok2 if couple now dengan you x payah dah :) my mom my dad my sibling and my nenek also know about you :) you're my everthing sayang <3 HAPPY 7 MONTHS ANNIVERSARY SAYANG :) i'm happy to be with you :) i hope our relationship last forever <3 My heart is only or you :) you the best one for me :D u sangat2 baik dengan i :) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOHD QAYYUM BIN BUKHARI :)
                                  "YOU WILL NEVER BE REPLACE"
                                        FOREVER MQ <3 :) 

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