Saturday, July 28, 2012

you make me touched :')

texting with qayyum sayang talk about berbuka puasa :) then saja suggest kat dye nk buka puasal dekat klcc because of something :DD then sayang ask me why klcc then cakap la i nak pergi shopping dekat candylicious soo time i text qayyum tu lepas berbuka tiba2 i nampak status bbm dye "omy to klcc" :O and i was like huhhh biar betul sayang ni..coz before tu he ask me i nak apa benda semua tengok2 sayang pergi betul2 :D wow wow wow :') i'm so touched sorry menyusahkan u dah sayang pergi beli pastu hantar kat rumah i lagi mmg touced :') from your house batu muda then klccc then my house btr sanggup kan sayang :') dah la malam2 :') omgg sayang i love you forever you're the first one who treat me like this feel like crying :') i love you forever MOHD QAYYUM :D you're my forever muahh love youu sayangku

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

this is the reason why i always smile :)

you're the reason why i always smile :)  you're my everything :) u're the only one that i love no i mean that i really LOVE :) you're mine forever and always :) as long i'm still alive i will take care of you and try to be the best one for you :) i'm soo happyyy with you :) and now i know i can't live without you :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

sayang :D

you stole my heart :)
you part of my life  :)
i want to spent the rest of my life with you sweetheart :D
he really care about me and he always here with me no matter what happen :D
heee shoo cute :3
and honestly i'm really afraid to loose you no one can replace you
no one can treat me as good as you
kita kadang2 gaduh but our love can never be erase :')
you marah i pun i always love you
you know how to make me happy :')
gaduh kita bukan lama 2 3 hari baik it's all because sayang sabar with me :)
thank you sayang :D
you're my everything :D
you are one in a million :3 remember that
and i'm soo lucky to have you :)
very lucky :) please dont leave me okay :D
my heart is only for you :D
i love you Q :3
=Qayyum :D
My heart is taken by MOHD QAYYUM :')
muahh :*