Monday, August 6, 2012

My One And The Only One

 when i'm crying u the one who always with me :') i yang buat u kecewa i yang buat u sakit hati but YOU yang ada sentiasa ada with me :') cant wait to be the new me i'm not going to hurt you i'm not going to disappointed you :/ sorry for always and always hurting you i dont want to loose u i want to be the only one for you. eventhought we have face many problem u the one who never give up on me :') Demi Allah i love you and one day i will show u the real me :) i dont want to loose you but why am i so stupid for hurting the only one who always support me :'( forgive all my mistakes i need u to guide me lets treasure this love together :) InsyaAllah one dah dalam masa terdekat i akan berubah for you :) i x nak hilang u :) and today i"m crying u ada datang jauh2 semata2 nk tengok i siap kasi kitkat and skittles omgg my favvv :* and today u and baby farhan really made my day

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